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The late Dr Isaac Muchena is a legend in his Zimbabwean community. He served the people living there with an open heart. His intention was to promote a healthy society. This sense of enthusiasm and dedication inspired him to build a hospital.

During the 90s, Dr Muchena ran a small surgery in Highfield, a high-density township in Harare, where he worked tirelessly, often into the night, while attending to his patients. His reputation for saving lives and healing the sick was the word on the streets. He would often provide his medical expertise for free. While healing people, his generosity and kindness knew no bounds and extended to the Highfield community as a whole.

But, no matter how hard he worked to help the sick and injured, he simply didn’t have the right expertise or equipment to help every single case. As a result, patients would then have to travel a long distance to get help. Oftentimes, they were too sick, or dying, and required specialist care that was near impossible for them to receive.

Being confronted with these challenges prompted the good doctor to build a first-class hospital in the Highfield community. A healthcare facility that would offer healthcare solutions for everyone. And so, in 2002, Dr Muchena broke ground to build his dream hospital.

Tragically, that same year, he passed away, leaving behind a distraught wife and children, as well as a community in mourning. His dream died along with him and the half-finished hospital was abandoned.

Then, 14 years later, Dr Muchena’s late wife and children decided it was time to complete the project. They would build the hospital as a memorial in honour of their husband and father, a remarkable man who lived to uplift his community. The Dr I. Muchena Memorial Hospital was born.

It has taken two years, and a community, to finish the healthcare facility, and DMC Medical Suppliers has played a vital role in helping turn it into a top-notch facility for people seeking medical attention.

Initially, the Muchena family felt overwhelmed by the challenges of getting such an ambitious project off the ground, and that’s where DMC could assist. “Since the doctor passed away, technology has advanced rapidly. And unfortunately, the architect who was working on the original plans had also passed away. This left us with some big challenges when we met with the client to discuss what was needed to complete the project,” says DMC CEO Danford M Chavundura. “We wanted to assist the client wherever possible to get the hospital up and running. This meant ensuring the various departments were fitted with the right medical equipment to provide state-of-the-art health care, while helping the client save costs, too.”

The hospital had to meet the current health standards. This meant tearing down some of the operating theatres’ ceilings and floors as they weren’t in accordance with the new health laws. “Some radical decisions had to be made to accommodate new technologies and laws. DMC has experience in this area, as well as many contacts in the healthcare industry. We were able to leverage these relationships and help our client set up the hospital according to the rules and regulations set out by the Health Professions Authority of Zimbabwe,” Danford says. “We managed to source new medical technology and equipment from local and international suppliers at affordable prices.”

One of DMC’s partners, Dr Salimo, is a qualified medical practitioner who has worked in hospitals. He used his vast experience to advise on the structure around patient flow and other key areas critical to helping hospitals function efficiently. “We found a dynamic young architect to create new 3-dimensional plans of the final project. He also advised on which materials should be used in the hospital in accordance with the health regulations,” Danford explains.

DMC went as far as setting up the facilities with their Hospital Management software. It will be used to integrate all the departments and help them run smoothly and efficiently, enabling the hospital to provide the best patient care possible.

The Dr I Muchena Memorial Hospital will open in two phases. The casualty department will run from the end of this year. The other departments will be providing excellent healthcare to patients from next year. This will include a maternity department, X-ray / scanning facilities, a paediatric unit, a pharmacy and more. There will be separate wards for men and women plus a 24/7 ambulance service, a mortuary and various state-of-the-art operating theatres.

When the hospital opens in its entirety, it will provide an excellent private healthcare service at affordable medical rates.

Finally, Dr Muchena’s wish will be granted, for his beloved community to receive the best health care possible and in turn lead better lives.

DMC continues providing state-of-the-art medical equipment plus a number of other services to healthcare facilities and private individuals in Zimbabwe. Do you have a healthcare crisis on your hands? Contact DMC for affordable and caring solutions that bring ultimate quality of life.

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